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Top 15 PHP Development Tools in Kuwait

web design company kuwaitAs a widely-used, open source programming language, PHP is a powerful tool for making web
application development process easier and creating dynamic and more responsive pages.
Based on the requirements of your business you can incorporate the best-suited PHP version;
as the framework itself is subjected to various enhancements during the release of each
version. Let us discuss more on top PHP Development Tools proposed by Web design Company
in Kuwait.
1. Eclipse
Eclipse PDT is the most popular Open Source PHP Development Tool available in the industry.
One of the amazing attractiveness of Eclipse is that there is a mass community of developers
following it and is dedicated to working on its plug-ins and any other feature that makes it
stand out from the crowd – when compared with Storms PHP, Zend Studio, NetBeans, etc.
2. PHPStorm
PHPStorm can be classified as the best among the PHP Development Tools and helps
developers in crafting robust apps. According to Mobile Apps Development Company Kuwait,
PHPStorm is designed to work best with Laravel, Zend Framework, Symfony, Yii and CakePHP.
Whatever be the front-end technologies, PHPStorm enables the live editing of TypeScript, CSS,
CoffeeScript, JavaScript, Sass, Stylus, HTML5, etc.

3. NetBeans
NetBeans is originally developed by Sun Microsystems as the PHP IDE in 2010. Companies
focusing more on mobile apps development Kuwait suggest NetBeans as the most lightweight,
swift and best supports the full line of PHP frameworks including Smarty Doctrine, Zend,
Symfony2, etc.
4. Sublime Text 3
Sublime Text 3 is the best-suited competing tool for powerful text PHP editors. Web design Company in Kuwait, which focus on developing web and mobile apps consider Sublime Text 3
as the lightweight PHP development tool which can boast of its powerful plug-ins and packages.
Sublime Text 3 can very well support Windows, Linux, as well as OSX too.
5. NuSphere

The major attraction of NuSphere is that it is a packed stack PHP web development tool that
supports all the recent versions of PHP framework, older versions like Yii, Symfony and Laravel
and also some of the CMS’s [Content management systems] like Joomla, WordPress etc.
6. Zend Studio
The much celebrated commercial PHP IDE developed by Zend can be categorized as one of the
top 10 PHP development tools. Zend Studio can greatly support operating systems like
Windows, Linux and macOS. One of the main advantages of Zend Studio is that it shows high
performance in the indexing, validation and the searching of PHP codes. Another notable
benefit of Zend Studio is – it supports server system backend as well as live PHP applications.
7. Atom
An amazing and innovative PHP development tool crafted by GitHub is Atom. It is accessible
under MIT license and comes with a handful of relevant plug-ins and packages that can without
any doubt improve its functionality.
8. Komodo
Komodo is developed by ActiveState in 2000, which exists in numerous extensions and provide
great provision for Multi-Window and Split View option. It helps in Smart Language Detection
and fast bookmarking provisions.
9. Aptana Studio
The Aptana Studio was developed by Aptana Inc. in 2014. Companies involved in both web development Kuwait and mobile apps development Kuwait categorize Aptana Studio as one of
the intelligent,t open source PHP development tool. It can be easily downloaded from the web
and supports Linux OS, Mac and Windows operating systems.

10. Cloud9
Cloud9 is a cloud-based platform that seamlessly provides functionalities for developing
serverless applications. As a versatile and flexible PHP Development tool based on cloud
technology, Cloud9 enables you to share your web development resources in a real-time
11. Code Lobster

Code Lobster is considered as the most portable and smart Integrated Development
Environment [IDE] for PHP framework. Autocomplete, debuggers, syntax highlights, SQL
managers and code validators, are some of the interesting features of Code Lobster.
12. PHPDesigner
PHPDesigner is a robust and swift text editor that comes with a custom UI toolkit. The top
advantage of PHPDesigner is that it supports cross-platforms and provides PHP developers with
a flawless provision to jump anywhere across lines, symbols or words. According to a Web design Company in Kuwait, PHPDesigner is the most customizable text editor among the top 15
PHP development tools that provides great flexibility for PHP developers in making changes to
the lines of code anywhere in the program.
13. Selenium Test
According to the views of the Web design Company in Kuwait who is equally focusing on mobile apps development Kuwait, Selenium Test is a testing tool that allows PHP programmers to write
automated web application UI tests.
14. Scriptcase
Scriptcase is the most-suited PHP development tool for developing web-enabled applications.
Flexible features that are made available in Scriptcase includes fast connectivity with DB
engines, producing pivot tables and charts and generating reports in both PDF and XLS format.
XAMPP is an open source platform developed by Apache Friends Organization. It can be easily
downloaded and is best-suited for large-scale companies requiring MySQL database solutions.

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