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Speed up your website

Speeding up your website can be done by doing a few minor tweaks. Here are some easily implementable tips from best website designer Kuwait which can easily rocket your website speeds.
Optimise images

Saving Photoshop images using the “save for web” option is not good enough to make it optimised as per web designer in Kuwait. Navigation elements should be in PNG format. Even PNG elements can be compressed further by 50%. Using OpitPNG, files that are in PNG or GIF can be further compressed without loss in quality.
Optimise Style Sheets

Use one stylesheet instead of many’ this a technique that most of the Kuwait website designers and developers follow. It has been found that one style sheet of 50kb takes 500ms to load while five style sheets 10kb each takes 1100ms to load. It might be harder to maintain one large file but it’s a pain worth taking so that you do not lose those people who are entering your website for the first time.
Caching can be your best friend

Caching can decrease the load on your server, the bandwidth usage which ultimately helps in reducing the total time taken to impart information to your user’s browser. Caching should be done by a web developer Kuwait for both static and dynamic files.
Eliminate scripts that are duplicate

This is a very common time killer in websites. Duplicate CSS files and java scripts reduces the performance by making HTTP requests and Java Scripts that are unnecessary. Also as a professional website designer in Kuwait, you should check if the scripts have been duplicated in the external files. Using a script management module can solve this issue.

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