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Significance of Page Load Speed in 2017

Gone are the days when customers patiently waited for your website to load all the way to get the service from you. It is the time of speed, now. As a result it is high time that you improved the speed of your web pages.
As an experienced web design company Kuwait, let us explain the dangers of the same.
Losing customers: Like we have already explained, when your webpage fails to load as expected by the customers, they tend to leave the site and go to your competition. This will not only loose you the current transaction, but also any future relationship that the customer will have had.
Adverse SEO ranks: As customers start to leave your website from the landing page without moving to another page or spending time of the same, your bouncing rate will increase. This adversely affects your SEO rankings as search engines will rank your pages lower and lower, landing you in more troubles.
Bad word of mouth: A customer with bad experience on your website can become a bad publicity for you. Even if they do not necessary talk about it, they can stop their families and friends from using your website in the future, which is outright bad for your business.
Adverse reviews online: Another important reason to improve page speed is the online reviews. Since Google has started considering genuine reviews as an SEO factor, bad online reviews can do a lot damage; sometimes worse than you would like.
Having as experienced web design company Kuwait to plan, design and develop your website can easily address these issues.

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