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Role of colour psychology in website design

Colours are powerful. Each colour inflicts a particular emotion in your brain. This in turn plays a huge role in a user’s decision. Using the right colours by website designers Kuwait can boost your website productivity in terms of traffic and conversion. Here are a few suggestions that can help you choose the right colour for your website.
In General, Women are not attracted to brown, orange and grey. They like green, purple and blue. So if you are selling products for women, you know what combinations to use. When it comes to men, they hate orange, purple and brown while they are attracted to blue, green and black. Green and blue seem to be the common factors. You just can’t go wrong with either. Though the above mentioned are what most of the website designers in Kuwait agree with, there are certain business specific colours that can’t be escaped.
Ever wondered how Facebook and Twitter got it bang on target? They use a lot of blue. Blue incites trust in the viewers. Green is the ideal colour if your niche is in outdoor products or related to the environment. Orange is the perfect colour which brings in a sense of fun. If you are trying to attract young children, it is the perfect colour. Black gives a sense of sophistication and luxury. Using bright colours in “call for action” buttons are a tried and tested method to improve conversion rates. Most Kuwait web designers testify the said.
One of the most over looked colour is white. Just take a look at the world’s most popular website ‘Google’. Never underestimate the power of white. It gives viewers a sense of freedom and spaciousness. Using a combination of one colour with loads of white is an ideal choice.

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