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web hosting kuwaitInnovations in technology happen every day. It is the digital era and there is no stopping anything. With such development happening across the globe there are always tremendous threats and the major one is hacking.

Hacking is a very common word and almost three fourth of the population knows what it is. Today, everyone is attached to their gadgets and it is kind of easy to hack people and get their information. Everything is online and so there are increased risks too.

Web designing and development for a company requires the enhancement of their security too. Web designer Kuwait takes care of not only the web designing and development but assures the security of the website too. Collaborating with the web hosting Kuwait company, you get more insights into the threats in the digital world and how to prevent them.

It is important to know about website hacking and the types of hacking; it is always the basics, and hacking being such popular term users must be enlightened about website hacking, ethical hacking, etc. Some of the most important hacking techniques are


  • Phishing


Most common and widely used hacking technique. Through phishing, users are hacked on a daily basis, globally. Credit card details are taken up by hackers or people or who are engaged in phishing. It is done by reloading or redirecting the person to another webpage from a current website and if the person enters personal details like bank details and credit card details, the hacker gets the information.


  • Cookie Theft


Cookies of your website can be stolen through malicious software. Accessing your browser’s cookies, the hackers can get personal information and bank details, other passwords, etc.


  • Keyloggers


Injecting keyloggers are quite deadly. With Keyloggers, every stroke of the user on the keyboard is recorded. This malware captures all the actions of the user and a cryptocurrency miner is also installed as in-browser. Getting hands-on keyloggers means the hacker has wide access to your information and has no trouble in logging into your website.


  • Brute Force


Like a continuous attack on a fort, brute-force is trying multiple passwords and login details until one gets logged in. Various combinations of passwords and other credentials are tried to gain access to the website.


  • SQL injection


Having a weak database or an insecure database can invite hackers easily. Deceiving of SQL database to access your vital information is done through SQL injection. Although it is a very simple tool, it can expose much of your needed data.

With a large number of methods to hack websites, it is important for everyone to know that it is not ethical. But, having knowledge about ethical hacking is important and also, knowing the kinds of hacking is also vital. Being the top web designing company in Kuwait, Web designer Kuwait believes in the education of hacking. From web development Kuwait to ensuring that your website’s and databases are safe, Web Designer Kuwait guarantees greater and safer services to your company.

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