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Top 10 trends in app-development in Kuwait

mobile apps development kuwaitWe live in a tremendously growing digital world and the ever-evolving landscape of this business world demands more and more robust technologies that help their businesses connect well with their customers. The year 2018 had witnessed enormous technical advancements in every field. Especially in the software design & development arena, the trends are absolutely transforming everything from our lifestyle to the business world. Based on the knowledge inputs from various mobile apps development company Kuwait, here, we discuss the top 10 app development trends responsible to change the world in every aspect.

  1. Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is a disruptive technology aiming the 2014 market with a turnover of $20 billion. Blockchain is a shared or distributed ledger technology that delivers trusted transactions and the power of blockchain is the seamless tracking it offers for both tangible and intangible assets. According to the leading companies focusing on mobile apps development Kuwait, Blockchain technology is an innovative and robust technology that guarantees business transactions more security, reliability and flexibility. For businesses and society, the technology is going to be a real boon as the app developers community is tapping more from this technology and is slowly integrating it to their app development strategy.

  1. Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning


Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning is going to be the future of mobile app development and by the year 2020, the technology is expected to hit the market with $40 billion. As the most innovative technologies, AI &ML provide incredible user experience with powerful features ranging from location-based recommendations to determining the changes happening in living organisms. The core benefit of Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence powered mobile app development is that it assures data privacy.

  1. On-demand Apps

On-demand apps take your business right to the hands of customers. The world is moving so fast and the technologies around us are becoming so dynamic to help us commute and live with ease. On the latest studies by a web design Company in Kuwait providing web and mobile app development services, On-demand Apps are responsible to create more market for businesses like taxi services, food delivery, fitness, beauty etc.


  1. Wearable Apps

There is a big list of companies providing mobile apps development company Kuwait focusing on manufacturing wearable apps. For example, to check the heart rate and the level of sugar in patients, many innovative companies have designed wearable apps eliminating the traditional methods of determining the health states. Apart from the applications in the medical field, many other companies hailing from different domains are into the development of on-demand apps. Smart watches are another example.

  1. Chatbots

The most modern aspect of communication that is going to change the concept of business communication is Chatbots.  To make real-time business communication happen with customers, chatbots play an important role. And we know that an efficient form of customer-business communication is highly required for welcoming more returns on investments. From collecting complaints and feedbacks to providing different business information, Chatbots are really helpful for online businesses.

  1. Internet of Things [IoT]

Internet of Things is a system of interconnected hardware that communicates with the help of internet connectivity. If you close-watch the market, you can see the boom of IoT everywhere. IoT finds immense applications in organizations to seamlessly integrate various devices within organizations for the quick access of organizational data. IoT is the most popular platform mainly used by educational and e-commerce domains. Many leading companies offering mobile apps development Kuwait have already started capitalizing on Internet Of things with an aim to outsmart competitor firms in the industry.

  1. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Technologies have already established their positions as the leading technologies mainly with its integration on smart phone applications. The fact behind Virtual Realty [VR] is that its scope is not restricted within different levels of gaming and entertainment. US military is using Virtual Reality Technology for their training purposes. For Augmented Reality Technology, its latest specification intelligently eliminates the need for any hardware requirements.

  1. Progressive web applications

A progressive web application is an approach which is a perfect blend of both mobile and web applications. The progressive web application works entirely different from traditional mobile applications. The critical part of Progressive web application is Script, also known as Service Worker. The main reason why digital marketing companies in Kuwait which provide Progressive web application development more concentrate on this approach rather than the traditional mole application development technology is that they are easy to develop and the maintenance part is so easy for the developers.

  1. Mobile Payment Services

To make mobile payment methods more convenient for users, banking applications will be keen on increasing their efficiency in the coming years. More than offering the way to avoid the troubles of visiting banks, these mobile payment services help complex transactions to happen with a single tap.

  1. Beacon Technology

The technology developed by Google to connect smart devices with smart, Bluetooth technology is Beacon Technology. By 2024, the technology is expected to surpass 25 billion dollars.

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