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graphic designer kuwaitIllustrations are what that attracts a user to the website. The first impression is the best impression and it is true with illustrations. Only the best and unique illustrations stand out in the crowd and it is important to know which are the most trending illustrations that will win the hearts of users in 2020 in graphic design company Kuwait.


White is beautiful. Having a lot of white space makes the layout a lot simpler and this adds to its beauty. Simple is classy and it is as if there is much room for things to fit in. White space in a website doesn’t make the user feel so congested. The user gets space. Lots of space at graphic design company Kuwait. This improves readability and ease of access. Contents and other elements on the page are visible and directly accessible. Enhanced animations can be used for moving from one page to another.

The Use of Organic Shapes

Irregular shapes and uneven shapes are imperfectly perfect. They are more like hand-drawn images and feels more humanistic. The unusual appearance of organic shapes is excellent attention seekers and adds a very personal touch to the website. Combinations of images and illustrations add an in-depth value to your website and bring about quite an approachable feel. It breaks the stereotypes of accurate squares and circles, making it unique at the graphic design company Kuwait.

3D Illustrations

3D has always been a game changer and a revolution. Inculcating 3D as an illustration technique is something that will lead to the greater attention and visibility of the website or business. Online purchases also get a lot easier with 3D illustrations. Designing products in 3D is the best use of the technique and it harnesses the technology.

Quirky and abstract

Being abstract and quirky is all about style and seeking attention. It is something which is visually interesting and stunning. Though not everyone dares to try it, it is quite the catch to be ones to stand out with graphic design Kuwait. Dramatic illustrations which are abstract and quirky do well with users and there is quite a lot of viewers who go crazy for quirky and abstract illustrations. There is much significant growth since vector graphics are now getting bored. It is tripping.  

Duotones and Gradients

Duotones are the hit list makers. They kind of make everything look terrifyingly stunning. Most of the apps use duotones to add to its beauty. Gradients have never gone out of trend and will never ever go out of trend for graphic design Kuwait. Social media logos and signs really do well with gradients and have been stunners. It has always been a great part of the illustrations and multi-combo colors are quite trending. People go crazy over duotones and gradients.


Minimalism is the key to get hold of the next generation and classy people. It is all about being neutral and having a silent choice of colors. Minimalism is on the rapid growth and it will be ravishing by the next 10 years. There are several ideas that pop-up with being minimal. As it is said, “the greatest artist is the simplifier”. It is really wonderful to see the minimal use of colors than pop for graphic design Kuwait.

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