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graphic design kuwaitSet your Permalinks

The posts and URLs of your website are called permalinks.  This is what the users use in their address bar for reaching websites or other relevant pages, says graphic design company Kuwait. WordPress offers permalink settings to change it according to the convenience. Easy names can be given for the ease of use and remembrance.   

The sitemap for the website

A website has several pages and the indexes of the pages can be done through Google. By informing Google about the website infrastructure, the Google XML sitemap can be created easily. There is an easy plug-in offered by WordPress- Google XML Sitemap. The Google sitemap generates the sitemap for your website.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the most popular and widely used analytic tool developed and offered by Google. It tracks your website traffic and is free of cost. It informs you about the traffic behavior, source and other various attributes that help in reaching the target audience. It even locates the 404 error pages.

SEO themes

WordPress offers a large collection of themes for the strong foundation of your website. You can choose any kind of themes, but for increased web traffic, choose the themes that are optimized for search engines. Thus, there is a greater reach for your WordPress website.

Block spam comments

Spam comments do not contribute to your blog and it can annoy users. Some spam comments can also be stooped down that the search engines and business will not like it. All these can lead to the flagging of the webpage. It is always good to prevent spammers from acting badly on your website.

Optimizing the Media

Media and graphics are one of the most important parts of the websites and it either builds or breaks the SEO measures. The tagging and naming of images on your website will determine the levels of SEO of your website. Proper tagging increases the chances of ranking high in the image searches. Random uploads won’t do well to your SEO techniques. Titles, caption, descriptions also play an important while uploading an image. All these can improve the search engines rankings of your website.

Shareable Content

Everyone is on social media and has huge popularity in the lives of people. Majority of the population is one social media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. Making a website with shareable content allows viewers to share it on different platforms giving a greater reach and visibility to your website. With your content reaching different social media platforms, there is huge traffic for your website. Social media sharing buttons improves the website’s credibility. There is much social media can do for your website and business, says graphic design company Kuwait.

High-quality content

Content is the life of the website and excellent written content assures a steady increase in the rankings. According to graphic design company Kuwait, user-engaging content with international standards and no plagiarism is what is needed. This can assure great credibility and visibility for your website.

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